Funding announcements

Details of all our funding announcements.

Note: PGF funding is approved in principle and announced, after which contracts are negotiated. Some funding may depend on completion of business cases. Payments are made once agreed milestones are met. These are set as part of contract negotiations, and differ from project to project.

Please note, some figures may have changed following announcements as a result of the contracting process and other factors.

See more details about announcements on the Beehive's Regional Economic Development page.

Region Programme Organisation Amount Date
Bay of Plenty Bay of Plenty Labour Market Strategy Implementation Priority One $50,000.00 20/03/2019
Bay of Plenty Redevelopment of Rotorua Lakefront Rotorua Lakes Council $19,900,000 24/09/2018
Bay of Plenty Mussel Farming and Production Facility Whakatohea Mussels Opotiki Ltd $19,850,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Development of Whakarewarewa Forest Rotorua Lakes Council $7,926,000 24/09/2018
Bay of Plenty Minginui Nursery Ngati Whare Holdings $5,800,000 15/03/2018
Bay of Plenty Putauaki Industrial Land Development – Stage 1 Putauaki Trust $2,000,000 24/10/2018
Bay of Plenty Accelerating Aquaculture Developments in Whakatohea Rohe Moana Whakatohea Maori Trust Board $950,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Rotorua Big Moves - Lakefront and Whakarewarewa Forest Rotorua Lakes Council $811,625 29/06/2018
Bay of Plenty Raukokore Irrigation Te Whanau A Maruhaeremuri Hapu Trust $950,600 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Ōpōtiki Harbour Development Project Ōpōtiki District Council , Eastland Group Ltd, Bay of Plenty Regional Council $750,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Whakatāne Waterfront and Town Centre Regeneration Whakatāne District Council $646,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Whakaari/White Island Visitor Growth Project White Island Tours Ltd $400,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Rail Freight Opportunities - Kawerau/Murupara KiwiRail $250,000 23/02/2018
Bay of Plenty EBOP Regional Development Project Implementation Ōpōtiki District Council $237,500 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Kiwifruit Labour Co-ordinator NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc $99,000 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Ngāti Awa Resource Funding Ngāti Awa Group Holdings Ltd $82,530 14/12/2018
Bay of Plenty Bay of Connections Portfolio Review Bay of Plenty Regional Council $60,000 7/01/2019
Bay of Plenty Miro Berry Partnerships - Business case development App 11 Bay of Plenty Regional Council $25,000 7/01/2019
Canterbury Opuke Thermal Pools and Spa complex Methven Adventures Limited $7,500,000 15/02/2019
Canterbury Porters Ski Field- Mountain Bike Trail Porters Ski Area Limited $250,000 7/01/2019
Canterbury Kaikoura District Council – Marine Centre of Excellence, Airport and Marina Project Development Kaikoura District Council $200,000 5/12/2018
Canterbury Precision Agriculture Science Pavillion Environment Canterbury Regional Council $50,000 7/01/2019
Chatham Islands Chatham Island Airport Chatham Island Aiport Ltd $98,000 27/09/2018
Hawke's Bay Wairoa to Napier Railway KiwiRail $5,000,000 23/02/2018
Hawke's Bay Napier National Aquarium Napier City Council $350,000 31/08/2018
Hawke's Bay Wairoa Capability Support Wairoa District Council $250,000 31/07/2018
Hawke's Bay Hawke's Bay Food Innovation Hub Hastings District Council $200,000 22/06/2018
Hawke's Bay Wairoa Skills & Employment Wairoa District Council $150,000 7/01/2019
Hawke's Bay Whakaki Lower Catchment Pilot Project Hawke's Bay Regional Council $100,000 23/02/2018
Hawke's Bay Whakaki catchment cultural and economic assessments Hawke's Bay Regional Council $100,000 14/08/2018
Hawke's Bay Wairoa Youth Employment Business Case Wairoa District Council $15,000 7/01/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui Industry for the future: Manawatu Plastic Recycling, Processing and Reuse Industry Project Manawatu District Council $81,864 4/04/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui Rural Innovation Lab Massey Univesity $400,000 26/02/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui Manawatu River Loop at Foxton Horowhenua District Council $100,000 6/03/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui KiwiRail freight hub KiwiRail $40,000,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Whakapapa High-Speed Gondola Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd $10,000,000 15/06/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Rail Freight Opportunities - Whanganui Rail Upgrade KiwiRail $3,000,000 23/02/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Whanganui Port Development Whanganui District Council $3,000,000 23/02/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui National Driver Training Centre Manfeild Park Trust (MPT) Charitable Trust $2,862,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Manawatū-Whanganui Tree Planting Horizons Regional Council $970,600 15/06/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Advanced Aviation Hub Whanganui District Council Holdings Limited $400,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Food HQ executive Director Massey University $150,000 7/01/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui FoodHQ BCC Ltd $100,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Tararua Alternative Land Use Tararua District Council $100,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Kaitahi commercial food processing plant Kii Tahi Limited $98,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Turakina Māori Girls College Redevelopment Te Rūnanga o Ngā Wairiki – Ngāti Apa Trust $95,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Whanganui Port - Geotechnical Feasibility Whanganui District Council $90,000 23/02/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Transitional Programme Manager - Ruapehu Regional Visitor Development Plan Ruapehu District Council $85,000 7/01/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui Tararua Tourism and Trails Strategy Tararua District Council $60,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Pathways Horowhenua Life to the Max Horowhenua Trust $50,000 15/11/2018
Manawatū-Whanganui Timber waste manufacturing Fomana Capital Ltd $45,000 7/01/2019
Manawatū-Whanganui Rangitikei City Resourcing Rangitikei District Council $25,000 7/01/2019
Multi-region Improving digital connectivity in the regions Crown Infrastructure Partners $40,000,000 15/11/2018
Multi-region Coastal Pacific service upgrade KiwiRail $40,000,000 23/11/2018
Multi-region Predator Free 2050 Alliance   $19,500,000 18/02/2019
Multi-region LIDAR land mapping Land Information New Zealand $19,000,000 30/10/2018
Multi-region Pacific Employment Support Service Ministry for Pacific Peoples $8,850,000 4/02/2019
Multi-region Erosion Control Funding Programme Various recipients $6,500,000 23/02/2018
Multi-region The Howard League Driver License Initiative The Howard League for Penal Reform $7,514,000 1/06/2018
Multi-region Trees that Count Project Crimson Trust $6,650,000 1/06/2018
Multi-region Afforestation Grants Scheme (AGS) Various recipients $8,400,000 23/02/2018
Multi-region Remembrance Tree Planting Programme Forestry NZ $5,000,000 25/04/2018
Multi-region Economic development capability Economic Development New Zealand $985,000 18/10/2018
Multi-region Upper North Island Port Study Ministry of Transport 23/02/2018
Multi-region Resource support for age-friendly community projects in Manawatu- Whanganui Office for Seniors $150,000 7/01/2019
Multi-region Super Māori Retire Co Project Parininihi Ki Waitotara (PKW) Inc. $100,000 7/01/2019
Multi-region Capacity funding for regional economic development organisations Various recipients $5.6 million 2/04/2019
Northland Wilson heavy machinery training Wilson Earthmoving Group Limited $4,351,000 12/04/2019
Northland Northland Water Storage & Use (Kaipara and Mid-North) Northland Regional Council $18.5 million 5/04/2019
Northland Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park  Far North Holdings  $897,000  15/03/2019
Northland The Camera Obscura Sculpture  Creative Northland  $458,853  15/03/2019
Northland Whangarei Rolling Ball Clock  Northland Inc $750,000  15/03/2019
Northland Riverside Hotel & Entertainment Precinct Northland Development Corporation Limited (NDC)  $1,314,000  15/03/2019
Northland Te Waiariki Ngawha Springs Enhancement and Redevelopment Project Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust  $1,790,000  15/03/2019
Northland Te Pu o Te Wheke - The Heart of Ngapuhi  Ngapuhi Asset Holding Company Limited (NAHC) $178,480 15/03/2019
Northland Māori Battalion Museum Waitangi National Trust $14,500,000 7/02/2019
Northland Hundertwasser Arts Centre Whangarei Arts Museum Trust $9,940,000 1/06/2018
Northland Waipapa Intersection Improvement New Zealand Transport Agency $9,000,000 23/02/2018
Northland Twin Coast Discovery Route New Zealand Transport Agency $6,250,000 1/06/2018
Northland Ngati Hine Forestry Trust Joint Venture Ngati Hine Forestry Trust $6,000,000 31/05/2018
Northland Pouto Road Phase 1 Kaipara District Council $5,050,000 3/02/2019
Northland Kaipara Moana (Wharves analysis and implementation) Kaipara District Council $4,950,000 3/02/2019
Northland Marine travel lift Oceania Marine Group $4,844,068 13/11/2018
Northland Manea Footprints of Kupe Far North Holdings Ltd $4,600,000 23/02/2018
Northland Pahia Wharf Far North Holdings Ltd $3,770,000 16/03/2018
Northland Road Re-metalling Kaipara District Council $3,150,000 3/02/2019
Northland Pouto Road Phase 2 Kaipara District Council $3,130,000 3/02/2019
Northland Kawakawa Tourism Hub Far North Holdings Ltd $2,378,000 23/02/2018
Northland Ngati Hine Manuka Planting Training Programme Ngati Hine Forestry Trust $1,890,000 31/05/2018
Northland Bay of Islands Airport Terminal Upgrade Far North Holdings Ltd $1,750,000 16/03/2018
Northland Waipoua River Road Kaipara District Council and Te Roroa Iwi $1,600,000 3/02/2019
Northland Programme Support Kaipara District Council $1,300,000 3/02/2019
Northland Russell Wharf Far North Holdings Ltd $1,114,000 16/03/2018
Northland Hihiaua Stage One Hihiaua Cultural Centre $1,075,000 23/02/2018
Northland Kaipara Kai Kaipara District Council $980,000 3/02/2019
Northland Opua Wharf Far North Holdings Ltd $890,000 16/03/2018
Northland Business Case Development – Northland Rail Upgrade New Zealand Transport Agency $500,000 1/06/2018
Northland Waitangi Mountain Bike Park Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust $490,000 29/11/2018
Northland Totara Industry Proposal - pilot Scion $450,000 23/02/2018
Northland Ngāti Rehia Kauri Sanctuary Ngāti Rehia $288,000 1/06/2018
Northland Te Waiariki Ngawha Springs Redevelopment and enhancement (EoI) Parahirahi Ngaeha Waiariki Trust $260,000 7/01/2019
Northland 50MAX HPMV Network Kaipara District Council $230,000 3/02/2019
Northland Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan Portfolio Management Northland Inc $200,000 7/01/2019
Northland Ohaeawai Visitors Centre Ohawawai Community Cultural Centre $100,000 7/01/2019
Northland Kai iwi Lakes Project Kaipara District Council $90,500 7/01/2019
Northland Ngāti Rangi Manuka and Kanuka oil distillery Ngāti Rehia $70,000 1/06/2018
Northland The restoration of Lake Omapere initial feasibility study Lake Omapere Ahu Whenua Trust $59,000 7/01/2019
Northland Kupe Waka Centre   $4,600,000 27/02/2019
Northland Te Hiku Sports Hub, Kaitaia (Robin Schiff)   $3,000,000 27/02/2019
Northland Muriwhenua Incorporation - Te Mingi Barge Site Feasibility Study deal   $257,000 27/02/2019
Northland Developing Projects ANT   $250,000 27/02/2019
Northland Te Hiku (Far North) Water Solutions Project   $99,500 27/02/2019
Otago Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) Dunedin City Council $95,000 20/03/2019
Otago Dunedin Waterfront Project Dunedin City Council $820,000 19/07/2018
Otago Dunedin Engineering Hub Farra Engineering $200,000 7/09/2018
Otago CREDS Project Manager Environment Canterbury $100,000 7/01/2019
Otago Waitaki Whitestone Geopark (WWG) Validation business case Waitaki District Council $90,000 7/01/2019
Otago Otago Strategic Framework Otago Regional Economic Development Steering Group $60,000 19/07/2018
Southland Southland Action Plan (Southland Story, Southland Destination Strategy and Bluff Oyster World) Environment Southland $18,000 20/03/2019
Southland Milford Highway Fibre Connection Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) $12,000,000 29/11/2018
Southland Invercargill inner city development HWCP Management Limited (HWCP) $995,000 19/12/2018
Southland Sheep and Goat feasibility*nationwide prog NZ Food Innovation (Food South) $490,000 19/12/2018
Southland Southland Hatchery and Nursery feasibility Environment Southland $424,976 19/12/2018
Southland Water: People Water and Land Strategy Pilot Southland Regional Council $300,000 7/01/2019
Southland Rail Freight Opportunities - South Port KiwiRail $250,000 23/02/2018
Southland Programme Manager - Predator Free Stuart Island Southland District Council $100,000 7/01/2019
Southland Southland Story Development Venture Southland $18,000 7/01/2019
Tairāwhiti Tairāwhiti Roading Package Ministry of Transport $137,000,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Mt Titirangi - Puhi Kai Iti Connection Gisborne District Council $6,067,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Gisborne Airport Eastland Group Ltd $5,500,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Gisborne Inner Harbour Project Eastland Group Ltd $2,300,000 23/02/2018
Tairāwhiti Cooks Landing Restoration Gisborne District Council $1,630,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Te Ha Sestercentennial Project Te Ha 1769 Sestercentennial Trust $1,000,000 23/02/2018
Tairāwhiti New Zealand Macadamia Industry Development Project NZ Macadamia Ltd $995,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Maukauri Aquifer Recharge Gisborne District Council $542,500 23/02/2018
Tairāwhiti Far East Sawmill Spectrum $500,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Tairāwhiti Rail Feasibility Study PDU to contract directly $450,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Manaia Forestry Skills Training (Pilot) TrainME Quality Service $301,209 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Wood Engineering Centre of Excellence Eastland Community Trust $200,000 23/02/2018
Tairāwhiti Regional Action Plan Programme Manager Eastland Community Trust $90,000 7/09/2018
Tairāwhiti Gisborne Tourism Product Development Activate Tairāwhiti $60,000 23/02/2018
Tairāwhiti Water and Waste Management Cedenco $30,000 7/09/2018
Taranaki Taranaki Crossing Experience To be confirmed $13,340,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Taranaki Cathedral Project Taranaki Anglican Board trust $5,000,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Support to fully commercialise production of finished engineered timber panels Taranaki Sawmills Ltd $2,250,000 15/11/2018
Taranaki Hydrogen supply infrastructure front end engineering design, planning and cost estimation to support H2 Taranaki Hiringa Energy Ltd $950,000 12/07/2018
Taranaki General Manager Transitional Economy Venture Taranaki Trust $600,000 12/07/2018
Taranaki SH43 Business Case Development (Single Stage) New Zealand Transport Agency $400,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Rail Freight Opportunities - New Plymouth Eastgate KiwiRail $250,000 23/02/2018
Taranaki The Business Guide to Tree Planting on Taranaki Hill Country Taranaki Regional Council $250,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Tapuae Roa:Project Coordinator ( Venture Taranaki as lead ) Venture Taranaki Trust $210,000 7/01/2019
Taranaki Venture Taranaki Major Regional Food Opportunities Venture Taranaki Trust $150,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Tapuae Roa: Māori Enterprise and Education Stocktake Taranaki Māori Trust Board $150,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki New Energy Development Centre Venture Taranaki Trust $100,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Taranaki Innovation Precincts Venture Taranaki Trust $100,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki H2 Taranaki - Roadmap Development Venture Taranaki Trust $50,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Business Case Development - Future Foods - Food Network Future Foods $50,000 6/04/2018
Taranaki Taranaki - Business Case Development for Taranaki Crossing Venture Taranaki Trust $50,000 7/01/2019
Taranaki Taranaki Regional Investment Fund Venture Taranaki Trust $50,000 7/01/2019
Top of the South (Te Tau Ihu) CFarmX Blue Mussel processing plant CFarmX Ltd $772,200 14/08/2018
Top of the South (Te Tau Ihu) Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre Expansion Project The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust $60,000 3/12/2018
Top of the South (Te Tau Ihu) Marine Farming Association Capability Project (Golden Bay Mussel) Marine Farming Association Inc $36,000 7/01/2019
Waikato Te Aroha Tourism Precinct Matamata-Piako District Council $900,000 4/10/2018
Waikato Waharoa Industrial Hub Matamata-Piako District Council $800,000 4/10/2018
Waikato Sugarloaf Wharf feasibility Coromandel Marine Farmers Association Inc $558,000 17/12/2018
Waikato Kopu Marine Precinct feasibility Thames-Coromandel District Council $270,000 17/12/2018
Waikato Coromandel Marine Gateway feasibility Pita Street Developments Limited $93,850 17/12/2018
Waikato Programme Manager for Implementation of strategy Waikato Regional Council $74,400 7/01/2019
Waikato Waikato Economic Development Summit Waikato Regional Council $74,000 7/01/2019
Wairarapa/Kāpiti Otaki Māoriland Hub Initiatives Māoriland Charitable Trust $15,000 20/03/2019
West Coast Digital Connectivity Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) $28,000,000 29/11/2018
West Coast TranzAlpine service upgrade KiwiRail $40,000,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Punakaiki Redevelopment (Dolomite Point) Department of Conservation (DOC) $25,600,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Ruatapu Garnet Project Barton NZ Limited $10,000,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Westland Milk Products Segregation Westland Milk Products $9,900,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Kawatiri Coastal Trail Kawatiri Cycle Trust $9,360,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Oparara Arches Tourism West Coast $5,700,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Croesus Road Grey District Council $3,500,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Punakaiki Resort Wellness Centre Williams Hotel Group $3,295,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Greymouth Lagoon Dredging Grey District Council $750,000 28/08/2018
West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail Westland District Council $500,000 23/02/2018
West Coast Old Ghost Road Cycle Trail Mokihinui-Lyel Backcountry Trust $500,000 23/02/2018
West Coast Rūnanga Miners Hall Rūnanga Miners’ Hall Trust $400,000 29/11/2018
West Coast Hokitika to Westport feasibility KiwiRail $250,000 20/07/2018
West Coast Greymouth Master Plan Grey District Council $250,000 20/07/2018
West Coast Punakaiki Master Plan Buller District Council $130,000 23/02/2018
West Coast Port upgrade and redevelopment feasibility studies (Westport and Grey combined) Buller District Council & Grey District Council $125,000 20/07/2018
West Coast Strategy Development for Regional Cycle Trails Project Development West Coast $37,500 7/01/2019