Independent Advisory Panel

The Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) provides independent advice to Ministers about Provincial Growth Fund investment proposals. They meet about once a month.

About the panel

Panel members have skills in commercial, industry, public policy, and sector-specific knowledge where relevant. They give feedback on applications for large sector projects, lend their commercial expertise to help assess business cases, and offer advice on the overall investment portfolio.

The panel members are:

  • Rodger Finlay (chair)
  • Dr Charlotte Severne
  • Dr David Wilson
  • John Rae
  • John Sproat
  • Neville Harris
  • Rosie Mercer
  • Sarah Brown

Media release: Inaugural meeting of Independent Advisory Panel, 13 February 2018

About these documents

We are committed to sharing information about funding applications and our decision-making processes. We also need to be able to protect applicants' interests, and our own ability to negotiate, so some of these documents have been redacted.

Information is accurate as at the date/time the document was produced. Information is subject to change as new information is received, which may occur following production and before public release.

Our commitments to the public release of information

Published: Jun 13, 2019