Horowhenua businesses connect with local employees

Published: 3 March, 2021

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An employment and skills initiative based in Horowhenua celebrated its official launch recently with a group of local employers, educators and community leaders.

A person speaking at a podium. In the background is a Get-Go pull-down banner.

Sarah Ryan, CE of the Horowhenua New Zealand Trust, speaking at the Get-Go launch event on Thursday 25 February 2021.

Get-Go is an innovative career pathway programme which is receiving a $806,277 Te Ara Mahi investment managed by the Provincial Development Unit (PDU). As part of the launch event, the team introduced a new digital platform for employers. 

Executive lead Shane Gorinski says the initiative was born from a need to connect local employers directly with local talent. 

“Horowhenua has over 1000 jobs listed on Trade Me or Seek per year, yet we know our employers are still having a hard time finding the right people - and our people are leaving Horowhenua because they don’t see the opportunities that are right here,” says Shane. 

“By creating a Horowhenua-specific jobs and careers portal, we are ensuring that our employers are connected instantly with our people - whatever stage of their career.” 

PDU-managed funding supports work-readiness and employment placement programmes aimed at facilitating informed career choices. 

One of Get-Go’s latest initiatives included providing hands-on employment adventures to every Year 10 student in the region as part of an exciting work experience day. 

This focus on connecting potential employees with interesting careers offers benefits for local employers like Get-Go board member, Geoff Lewis too. 

“Get-Go will be home to every job in Horowhenua, profiling employers and opportunities in a new way - and providing behind-the-scenes support to get more people in jobs,” says Geoff. 

“I believe the opportunity is here, in Horowhenua. We need to inspire today’s school leavers as they become tomorrow’s employees, and give people the option to stay here, to grow here – to come back here - and to move here.” 

Horowhenua work-ready from the Get-Go

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