Sector Workforce Engagement Programme

The Sector Workforce Engagement Programme (SWEP) is a cross-government initiative to help employers get access to skilled regional staff.  

Many of the projects and initiatives being funded through the Provincial Growth Fund will create jobs, now and into the future.  This is a major opportunity for New Zealand's regions to grow their local workforce.  

This represents a major opportunity to grow the skills and capability of working people in regions: to equip them for sustained work and pathways to higher incomes.

SWEP is a cross government initiative that aims to improve employers access to skilled labour - working across industries like horticulture and viticulture, dairy farming, road freight transport, construction, tourism, hospitality and aged residential care.

SWEP works by partnering with industry to develop solutions to improve their access to labour and create training pathways for local people to enter into local industry.

To date, since SWEP was established as a pilot in 2016, 950 New Zealanders have been placed into employment through SWEP facilitated initiatives, with more than 3,000 people supported into recognised training whilst in employment, and 50 people into apprenticeships.

Published: Sep 10, 2019