Projects we can fund

We can fund projects that support job creation, including in key sectors and regions, and that power up prosperity and productivity in one or more regions. 

Our goal is to accelerate regional development, increase regional productivity, and contribute to more, better-paying jobs.

Therefore, each project should help achieve the PGF's objectives:

  • Creating jobs, leading to sustainable economic growth
  • Increasing social inclusion and participation
  • Enabling Māori to realise aspirations in all aspects of the economy
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability and helping New Zealand meet climate change commitments alongside productive use of land, water and other resources
  • Improving resilience, particularly of critical infrastructure, and by diversifying our economy

We welcome applications for funding that fall into three main areas, or tiers: regionally-focused projects, sector-focused projects, and infrastructure-based projects.

You can make an application to any of the three areas, or to two or more where they are inter-connected. For example, development of a new tourism attraction may be accompanied by improvements to the local road network and building local skills in tourism and hospitality.

We also welcome applications for Te Ara Mahi and He Poutama Rangatahi, programmes that focus on employment outcomes.

Published: Oct 29, 2018