He Poutama Rangatahi

Getting young people into work

He Poutama Rangatahi is a cross-agency initiative aimed at getting young people that are not currently in employment, education or training into work, while Te Ara Mahi is about employment and skills pathways for working people of any age.

He Poutama Rangatahi

The rangatahi targeted by HPR are those most at risk of long-term unemployment, and who may need more individualised and ongoing support to connect to training and employment than current programmes are able to provide.

We support projects that:

  • highlight current interventions which could be scaled up or redirected;
  • identify gaps in support and pastoral care for both young people and for employers; and
  • develop ways to fill those gaps.

If a project is also eligible for Provincial Growth Fund support, your project may also be considered for HPR funding, if it meets both Provincial Growth Fund and HPR criteria.

Learn more about HPR and PGF criteria

Te Ara Mahi

Te Ara Mahi is funded from $82.4 million set aside from the Provincial Growth Fund that's specifically for regional employment, skills and capability.

We are considering projects and activities for funding which:

  • focus on any aspect of the pathway to employment for people in the regions. This includes tailored support for people to become work-ready, gain and sustain employment; and to support those who are underemployed and could upskill.
  • focus on employers who may need support, coordination or connections, to employ local people into local jobs.
  • focus on any age group within the working age population. If your project/activity focuses solely on people aged 15-24, please consider He Poutama Rangatahi funding instead.
  • target any regions except the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metropolitan areas.

Learn more about our application criteria.