Regional projects

Tier 1

Regional projects are those that focus on economic development, feasibility studies and capability building within regions. We also call these tier 1 projects.

One of the goals of the Provincial Growth Fund is to get people in the regions skilled up for sustained, meaningful work. This is about more than just getting people work-ready – it’s also about getting the regions capable of managing and governing projects over the long term.

The PGF opens up opportunities to invest in projects that bring local working people and employers together. We want to contribute to increased employment and earnings, and help lower the rates of young people not in employment, education or training.

We welcome proposals that can demonstrate how they will lead to an increase in sustained local employment outcomes, both within the PGF's timeframe and beyond. We'd like to see a clear outline of what support employers and working people will have to get them ready to seize this opportunity.

We encourage active employer participation and ongoing support. Your proposal should demonstrate how it complements existing programmes and government support, and how it's linked to regional priorities.

Regional priorities and action plans

Most regions have economic action plans. These usually outline the region’s ambitions and help prioritise what to work on. Each region's plans can highlight their comparative advantages, such as specialisation in specific sectors, or natural and cultural features.

For regions, the additional funding and support offered by the PGF is an opportunity to ramp up your planning.

When we consider your project, we'll assess it as part of an overall portfolio of the Government’s support for the region, rather than as stand-alone initiatives. Each individual project should fit well into its region's overall plan for economic development.

We recommend that you share your application with key regional stakeholders, so they are informed and have the opportunity to give input and show support. Talk to local government, mana whenua, and major business and community stakeholders where appropriate.

For help, advice, and support with applying for funding, get in touch with our advisors. Email Call us on 0508 743 473