We are committed to proactively releasing information about Kānoa – Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit, and funding decisions. As careful stewards of public money, we recognise the importance of keeping you informed and engaged about the work we do.

Confidentiality and commercial sensitivity

Some information we hold can't be released, because we need to protect confidential and commercial information.

Information we can't release includes:

  • Proposals that have been declined on the grounds of commercial sensitivity. Advising that that they had been declined may compromise the ability of the project to attract funding from other sources in the future.
  • Proposals that have been agreed, but not yet announced. This is because contract negotiations are underway. Releasing material before we announce the project risks compromising contract negotiations.
  • Proposals that have been announced, but not yet contracted on the grounds that contract negotiations are still underway.  Releasing this material before announcement risks compromising contract negotiations.
  • All information related to loan details to ensure that the PDU’s ability to negotiate is not prejudiced.  
  • All projects still under active consideration.

Project documents

Documents for previous projects is available on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) document library. This includes applications, business cases and funding agreements.

Previous project documentation  — MBIE website

About these documents

We are committed to sharing information about funding applications and our decision-making processes. We also need to be able to protect applicants' interests, and our own ability to negotiate, so some of these documents have been redacted.

Information is accurate as at the date/time the document was produced. Information is subject to change as new information is received, which may occur following production and before public release.

Our commitments to the public release of information

Background documentation

The following documents can be viewed on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) document library. Some documents will contain redacted information – these documents will include a note about why the information has been redacted. This note can be found on the cover sheet included with the document, or on the redacted information. 

Weekly Reports to Ministers 

These are proactively released in batches approximately every three to four months. This allows time for commercial sensitivities affecting projects to lapse, for decisions and project announcements to be made, and for projects to be contracted where possible. 

Weekly Reports to Ministers — MBIE website

Cabinet papers 

The Provincial Development Unit (PDU) releases Cabinet papers and minutes regularly. 

PDU Cabinet papers and minutes — MBIE website 

Cabinet reports on the PGF 

The PDU reports to Cabinet every quarter on its funding decisions and the performance of the PGF. 

All PDU quarterly reports to Cabinet — MBIE website 

Position papers 

We have developed investment principles for areas of priority investment to help applicants and decision-makers when preparing or assessing applications. These are described in a series of position papers which set out the objective of PGF investment, principles and investment priorities. They define our approach to investments required to address social and infrastructure deficits, and to support sector investments that align with regional priorities. We will publish each of these papers as they are developed and agreed to. 

Position papers — MBIE website

Written parliamentary questions 

Written questions in parliament are one of the most important methods for making sure the Government is doing its job. You can read questions about the Provincial Development Unit, and their answers, on the Parliament website.

Written parliamentary questions — Parliament New Zealand website

Official Information Act (OIA) requests

Published responses to requests made under the OIA. 

Official Information Act releases — MBIE website

Whenua Māori Allocation guidelines

Applications to the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) Whenua Māori Allocation (WMA) are measured against the WMA Principles, alongside PGF investment criteria.

Provincial Growth Fund Whenua Māori Allocation — MBIE website

Job Creation Data

One of the key objectives for Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) projects is to create employment opportunities through investment in the regions. Job numbers are one way of measuring the success of the PGF's investments.

There are many other factors that should be taken into account when evaluating PGF investments, such as improving community wellbeing, creating greater regional resilience, encouraging environmental sustainability, and increasing the value of Māori-owned land.

The Provincial Development Unit (PDU) has completed a stocktake of the number of people who have worked on PGF, Worker Redeployment and Regional Investment Opportunities projects. These numbers include both current and past employment as well as the number of expected workers in the future.

PGF creates more than 10k jobs, success stories across NZ —

Status of Provincial Growth Fund Appropriations and Funds Committed to date by Agencies

The PGF reports on the status of appropriations bi-annually.