Clutha Gold Cycle Trail set to boost economic growth

Published: Jun 5, 2019 · Updated: Dec 1, 2020

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The Clutha District is set for a boost to its economic growth following a series of Provincial Growth Fund announcements in Milton in late May.

The Clutha Gold Cycle Trail has received $6.5 million from the PGF to extend the 73 km trail by an additional 63 km from Lawrence to Waihola via Milton. The PGF will also invest $218,000 to build a slip lane off State Highway One to unlock the potential of the Rosebank Industrial Park.

Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan said that the funding has turned the District’s dreams into a reality.

“For so long now, we've had hopes, dreams, aspirations that have been stymied somewhat by our ability to fund, by our ability to get the momentum, and in the Provincial Growth Fund, finally we've got someone holding our hands and it means so much for our district," Mayor Cadogan said.

“It shows a tangible link between heartland New Zealand and Central Government and a clear message of support for key projects that will enable the South to take advantage of opportunities that otherwise would never come to fruition.”

Work on the cycle trail will begin later this year and is likely to create 62 jobs over the three-year construction phase. The trail has the potential to create an average of 36 jobs per year in its first 10 years of operation, rising to 47 new jobs by 2031.

Murray Paterson, Chair of the Clutha Gold Cycle Trail Trust, says that the funding to extend the bike trail will be good for both tourism and businesses in the District.

“[The funding] will bring tourists to the district and open up opportunities for businesses to service the tourist trade which we haven’t really got much of at the moment.”

The Clutha District will also receive $200,000 from the PGF to build a slip lane that will allow the newly established Rosebank Industrial Park to meet traffic demands and expand, bringing at least 45 additional jobs to Balclutha. Mayor Cadogan says that the investment will enable industrial growth.

“The PGF has identified a key project for Clutha, understanding how critical it is to have industrial growth, and the catalyst this will have on jobs and vitality in our economy,” Mayor Cadogan said.

The PGF investments for the Clutha District were announced by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones, along with other initiatives for the Otago region.