Hawkes Bay projects gain another $4 million PGF investment

Published: Oct 16, 2020

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Two apple orchards, a cycle trail, and a food and beverage company are the latest initiatives to receive Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investment totalling over $4.1 million in the Hawke’s Bay region which will create jobs.

Workers in orchard

Ngāti Pahauwera crew planting trees using an intensive '2-D tree' method which requires a large number of posts installed, wires strung up, and branches trained to those wires.

Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust (TToTW) will receive over $2.3 million PGF investment to diversify high value flat land for horticulture use in the Wairoa district. The investment is made up of a $875,000 grant and a $1,456,350 loan. TTOTW will develop a trial orchard to provide a tangible showcase of what can be achieved through environmentally sustainable practices, different growing systems and the use of high-value IP varieties of apples on similar high-quality flat land in Wairoa. The project is a collaboration between Ngāti Pahauwera, Hawkes Bay Regional Council and Wairoa District Council.

The project will commence with a development phase where TToTW will develop the commercial partnership model and implementation plan for the trial orchard as well as design of the workforce training programme.

Value added horticulture is a significant economic opportunity for the Wairoa region and this project will likely have substantial spill-over benefits for the wider Wairoa district. TToTW are actively in discussion with a number of fresh produce companies regarding the trial orchard and longer term commercial partnerships. This project aligns with the COVID-19 response PGF reset criteria and Whenua Māori principles. Once underway they expect to create a total of eight FTEs for trial orchard land preparation and project management.

This project aligns with the COVID-19 response PGF reset criteria and Whenua Māori principles.

Once underway TToTW expects to create a total of eight jobs for trial orchard land preparation and project management.

Another PGF funded apple orchard is seeing Ngāti Pahauwera Commercial Development Ltd develop 17 hectares of their land North of Napier to create jobs for Ngāti Pahauwera, thanks to a $970,000 grant. The project involves installing drainage and fencing, land preparation and planting of 20,000 high value apple varieties trees.

Central Hawke's Bay District Council will receive a grant of $750,000 to enhance the Tuki Tuki Cycle and River Trails. This work includes extension of stopbank trails, construction of new river walking and mountain bike trails and a swing bridge to maintain connection between existing trails. It will provide employment for 12 workers over six months.

Parkers Beverage Company Limited will receive a grant of $110,000 to install a steam cabinet pasteuriser so that it and six other small food and beverage businesses in the region can package pasteurised products locally instead of sending them out of Hawke's Bay for treatment. This will allow Parkers to hire five new employees.

Children cycling on path surrounded by trees and fields.

Cyclist enjoying a ride along the Tukituki Cycle and River Trail.