Major boost to Golden Bay marine industry

Published: Sep 14, 2020

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Golden Bay’s thriving mussel farming industry has received a significant boost from the government, with an investment of up to $20 million to redevelop Port Tarakohe.

Aerial view of a small square port dotted with boats off a green coastline.

The Port Tarakohe redevelopment is expected to take two years to complete.

The investment, along with additional funding from the Tasman District Council and industry, will provide hundreds of jobs, increase the port’s handling capacity and help nurture the marine service industry. 

Port Tarakohe is located in eastern Golden Bay near the popular holiday beach destination of Pohara and just outside the region’s main town of Takaka.

Mussel farming is becoming more and more important to the region, but the present port is not able to handle the increasing harvest, which is projected to grow seven fold over the next ten years. 

The redevelopment will increase the port’s capacity by opening access to commercial marine berths, creating more working wharf space, a new food grade wharf area and harbour master building. 

The new port is also expected to create a greater demand for support services, such as boat maintenance and marine engineering. 

The redevelopment, significant growth in the mussel farming industry and the associated development of the marine service sector are predicted to provide hundreds of jobs for Golden Bay. 

But it is not only the commercial sector which will benefit from Port Tarakohe’s redevelopment. 

Tourism is also important to Golden Bay and the new port will separate the commercial and recreational areas by creating a recreational marina. 

The project will also improve Golden Bay’s resilience in the event of a natural disaster or other Civil Defence emergency.

The Port Tarakohe redevelopment is expected to take two years to complete.