National wine centre for Marlborough

Published: Aug 20, 2020

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The Provincial Growth Fund has invested $3.791 million to establish Te Pokapū Wāina o Aotearoa – New Zealand Wine Centre in Blenheim, Marlborough. 

A man wearing a black suit and glasses at a podium in front of a seated crowd.

Gerald Hope, Chief Executive for the Marlborough Research Centre at the announcement in Blenheim where they received PGF funding.

The facility will be dedicated to ensuring New Zealand’s lucrative viticulture industry can continue to successfully compete in the top-end international wine market. 

“I’m absolutely delighted with this announcement. After 36 years we are able to take the development to the next stage to combine the industry’s needs, with research, technology and innovation all wrapped around with education,” said Gerald Hope, Chief Executive for the Marlborough Research Centre (MRC). 

The centre will be based at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in Blenheim and will provide research and education for the viticulture industry in all of New Zealand’s wine regions.

“This is an investment on behalf of all of New Zealand, it’s just not about Marlborough, we are including the whole of New Zealand. We will become known as the centre for grape and wine research nationally and internationally,” Gerald Hope said. 

Wine is in the top five of New Zealand’s export earners, and the $1.92 billion it brings in every year makes a significant contribution to the economy. 

This centre of excellence will help a valuable industry stay ahead of our global competitors by developing new products and techniques to allow the country to compete in the quality international wine market. 

Wine is the backbone of Marlborough’s economy, with over 28,000 hectares of vineyards located in the region. Together, they contribute 80 percent of New Zealand’s wine exports and it is logical this region should be home to such a prestigious industry centre of excellence.

The Te Pokapū Wāina o Aotearoa project is being led by the Marlborough Research Centre Trust and the other half of the $7.63 million will be funded by MRC with support from the wine industry.