Ōtaki arts and cultural centres get government funding

Published: Sep 25, 2020

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The Kāpiti town of Ōtaki will receive $1.4 million in government funding for two major projects which will provide scores of jobs for locals while improving community arts and cultural facilities.

A small old plain beige square theatre building with light blue accents.

Otaki's Civic Theatre will benefit from PGF funding for a major refurbishment.

The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is providing the funding to help refurbish the Māoriland Hub building and Ōtaki Civic Theatre.

The Māoriland Charitable Trust is receiving $900,000 to upgrade the Māoriland Hub building so it can house the Centre for Māori and Indigenous Film and Creative Excellence. 

The hub is well used by the local community. Last year, 85 events were hosted there, including the Māori Film Festival which attracted over 12 thousand people.

It also helps local rangatahi with the Māoriland Ahi Tech Creative Hub – or MATCH - providing training, mentoring and industry opportunities leading to higher value careers.

The Māoriland Charitable Trust says while the hub plays an important role in the Ōtaki community, it is worn and tired and only running at 30% of its capacity.

The Trust says the PGF will allow it to be improved and tidied up so it can properly fulfil its valuable role.

The other half a million dollars of the $1.4m funding will go to the project to refurbish the Ōtaki Civic Theatre.

The Civic Theatre is a much-used landmark in Ōtaki’s main street and is regarded as the town’s cultural and performing arts centre.

The refurbishment includes upgrading toilets, partially rebuilding the stage, meeting fire safety requirements, replacing damaged seating and flooring and repairing the exterior and gutters.

The project will take about six months and provide between 50 and 70 jobs, with another 25 on the Māoriland project.

The Māoriland Charitable Trust says eleven fulltime jobs will flow from completing the Māoriland Hub building, with up to another 20 part time and fulltime jobs created as a result of the Hub’s increased ability to deliver social enterprise programmes.