PGF grant supports Great South

Published: Sep 27, 2019 · Updated: Dec 1, 2020

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A $400k grant from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to Southland’s economic development agency (EDA) will help the agency drive Southland’s regional economic development aspirations.

Great South, Southland’s EDA is committed to creating better lives for all Southlanders through sustainable development which includes diversifying the region’s economy, growing its population, and strengthening local business.

The PGF supports EDAs as they are best placed to support and manage local regional economic development.

Provincial Development Unit head Robert Pigou says the unit, which manages the PGF, prefers to invest in regional approaches and support local development agencies.

“Achieving successful regional economic development outcomes requires a degree of mass and scale of activity. We recognise that Wellington-based decisions don’t always work at the regional level. We are aiming to empower regions to discover and develop their own solutions. EDAs are particularly well placed to reflect local preferences and respond to local opportunities and issues.

“We’ve invested nearly $40 million in Southland in a wide range of projects that have the potential to act as a catalyst for productivity increases in the region across a range of sectors.”

The $400k will fund two positions at the EDA to support those projects, as well as building the EDA’s capacity and capability and encouraging cross-region coordination and cooperation.

The funding will allow Great South to appoint a portfolio manager and a project support adviser. They will provide project management expertise and support to PGF funded projects in Southland.

“This funding will help Great South build its capability and capacity to support and deliver economic development work in the region,” Robert Pigou says.