Provincial Growth Fund invests $140m in the West Coast

Published: Nov 29, 2018 · Updated: Dec 1, 2020

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The Prime Minister was on the West Coast on Thursday 29 November to announce the $140 million package, along with Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor.

Projects announced include investments of:

  • $87.46 million for tourism, ensuring the region’s popular sites and unique environments are protected and offer high-quality experiences for visitors
  • $32.8 million for extending ultra-fast broadband and mobile coverage
  • $10 million for a garnet mining project at Ruatapu
  • $9.9 million for a milk segregation project with Westland Milk Products

The significant investment from the Provincial Growth Fund reflects the West Coast’s unified approach to growing its economy and the projects supported fall within key sectors already driving the region’s economy.

This boost to the West Coast is evidence of how government partnership with the region can support projects that enhance economic development and build resilient communities.


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Background music plays throughout while we see various shots of the West Coast's people, places, and landscapes.

Male speaker: The untamed natural wilderness of the West Coast is totally unique. It has a collection of iconic destinations it can offer our global customer.

Female speaker: The West Coast has a rich history and Coasters are great at making things happen.

Maka Manuel, student, Greymouth High School: The West Coast is my future, and I'm really excited about the new possibilities.

Title cards: Untamed, Natural, Wilderness

Title card: West Coast New Zealand: untamed natural wilderness

Title card: Taking the West Coast to the world

Stephen England-Hall, CEO, Tourism New Zealand: The important aspects of our visitor experience to New Zealand is safety, preservation of the natural or built environment, and of course the way in which the tourist industry interacts with local communities.

Title card: Provincial Growth Fund is investing $87.5m in tourism projects and infrastructure that will enhance the visitor experience and encourage longer stays with higher spend.

Stephen: The West Coast has a huge amount of natural capital, human capital, and so forth available to it. And these investments, we can take great advantage of that.

Mack Saraswati, Chief Research Officer, NZIMMR: The West Coast is jam packed with natural resources, especially the green tech minerals such as rare earths and garnet. We are seeking new ways to move these minerals up the value chain.

Title card: Provincial Growth Fund is investing $10m in garnet mining, creating 40 new jobs on the Coast in mining and processing non-traditional minerals.

Mack: Garnet has good application as a non-flammable abrasive, and also in lithium-ion batteries. And the good news is, it's recyclable. So what this means is it's got huge export potential. So not only are we building localised research capabilities, but we are also creating jobs here on the West Coast.

Felicity Jensen, Quality and Production Manager, Westland Milk Products: Our heritage and location gives us a strong product story, what our customers really buy into. We call it "nourishment made beautifully for generations."

Title card: Provincial Growth Fund is investing $9.9m in speciality dairy. Creating new processing capability adds value to products giving better return to farmers and creates 8-10 new jobs.

Felicity: This will enable us to take the West Coast to the world in terms of processing segregated milk. The higher value products will give greater returns to our shareholders, and create more income for Westland, our farmers, our employees, and the West Coast community.

Stephen: One of the most important aspects of investment right now is digital connectivity.

Title card: Provincial Growth Fund is investing $32.7m in Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB), improving connectivity that will help connect business and the community with the world.

Felicity: Being connected means our farmers are safer on farm and they can run their businesses more efficiently.

Stephen: We want to make sure a visitor is permanently connected to their home country and their friends and their relatives, because they want to be able to share their experiences in real time with the people that matter to them.

Franco Horridge, Ports Team Leader, Grey District Council: The West Coast has a thriving fishing industry built on good access to a variety of high-value and sustainably managed stock.

Title card: Provincial Growth Fund is investing $750,000 in fishing. Dredging Greymouth Port Lagoon improves access for larger vessels and improves productivity.

Maka: I'm excited about the investments. It presents new opportunities for me to stay on the Coast and engage with the world.

Title: West Coast New Zealand: untamed natural wilderness

Title: Provincial Growth Fund Tuawhenua