Whakatāne redeployment goes 100% local

Published: Aug 31, 2020

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More than 200 people are currently working on roading, infrastructure and environmental projects throughout the district as part of the Kia Kaha Whakatāne programme - including more than 100 people who were formerly unemployed.

Two workers in high-vis are clearing a footpath area for Kia Kaha Whakatāne.

All contracting companies appointed for the Bay of Plenty redeployment projects are 100% local.

Provincial Growth Fund investment to support a range of redeployment projects as part of the Kia Kaha Whakatāne programme.

This includes roading, infrastructure and environmental projects that are providing urgent economic relief for the local workforce, particularly those who have lost jobs through COVID-19.

So far, 100% of contractors appointed for the projects are from the Bay of Plenty region, with a vast majority operating in the Eastern Bay of Plenty sub-region.

The investment makes a big difference for contractors who are able to retain existing staff and employ and train new staff – contractors such as Crossroads Construction Ltd, a civil contracting and road construction firm, based in Edgecumbe.

Crossroads has 23 full-time employees and more than a dozen part-time employees. Director James Whitley says the redeployment programme means new staff and current employees can access training opportunities and progress within the civil works industry.

"Crossroads is a family orientated company that prides itself in looking after its employees and the local community," says Mr Whitley.

"The pandemic has been hard hitting for a lot of businesses, but we want to be part of the solution that creates employment for those who have lost their jobs.

"Together, with council and government support, we can look after the local community and rebuild."