Projects we can fund

Find out the process we follow to identify, assess and approve Regional Strategic Partnership Fund (RSPF) projects.

All regions have a regional economic development partnership that is working with Kānoa – Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit (Kānoa – RDU) to progress regions’ economic development aspirations and opportunities.

If necessary, this includes strengthening their regional economic development plans to take into account the economic impact of COVID-19.

While these groups are, or will be, the primary regional partnerships we work with, Kānoa – RDU is also working closely with other groups and partners in each region.

Regional economic development partnerships play an important role. Regions best know the opportunities and complexities in their area and will guide their own future by identifying the priorities they think should be focused on for maximum impact.

How you can access the RSPF

If there is an opportunity you think meets the eligibility criteria, and supports RSPF funding goals, the first step is to talk to one of Kānoa – RDU’s staff in your region. 

Contact your regional advisor

Rather than considering proposals from a wide range of individual projects, Kānoa – RDU will work with each region to identify the opportunities which the regions themselves see as the priorities to help them build a stronger economy.

If a region identifies an opportunity that is unable to be funded through the RSPF, Kānoa – RDU will work with other agencies to see if funding or support is available elsewhere.

Applications will be generated following engagement with and working alongside, Kānoa – RDU.

Work out if your project is eligible 

Our objectives and allocations

How we identify, assess, and evaluate projects

Potential projects will be identified, assessed and approved through the following process: 

  1. Identifying projects
  2. Preliminary assessment 
  3. Evaluation of proposals

There is no opening or closing date for the RSPF. The RSPF funds will be drawn upon as and when projects are approved and following each region’s development of its regional plans which inform RSPF investments. 

Identifying projects

Applications will be generated by Kānoa – RDU working in partnership with each region to identify projects they believe will help them build stronger and more resilient economies.

Kānoa – RDU staff will engage with a wide range of regional groupings and stakeholders, including the Regional Economic Development Partnership and other government agencies to identify investments which have the potential to meet the RSPF criteria.

Work out if your project is eligible

Preliminary assessment

After projects are identified, Kānoa – RDU will undertake preliminary assessment to determine whether a project is likely to meet the eligibility criteria for investment. Organisations will be asked to provide project information to support this assessment. 

Work out if your project is eligible

Evaluation of proposals

If the preliminary assessment confirms the RSPF criteria are likely to be met, Kānoa – RDU will work with organisations to develop full proposals, including undertaking comprehensive due diligence and developing the terms of the investment, such as the interest rate for loans.

Kānoa – RDU does not require that proposals and other information about projects are submitted in a particular template or format. Kānoa – RDU will not seek information unless it is required for project assessments or evaluation. 

Once submitted, proposals will be evaluated by Kānoa – RDU against the RSPF criteria in consultation with other government agencies as appropriate. Regional Economic Development Ministers or Cabinet will then decide whether or not to invest in the project – generally on a quarterly basis. 

For more information on governance of the RSPF: 

Governance of the RSPF