H2 Taranaki

Zero-emission energy for New Zealand and the world

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In New Plymouth, H2 Taranaki is working on bringing clean, sustainable hydrogen energy to New Zealand – investments from New Plymouth District Council, Hiringa Energy, Venture Taranaki and Kānoa – Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit will help them get there.


The plan for H2 Taranaki is to advance the take-up of hydrogen technologies in Taranaki, helping position the region on the world stage as technically advanced, sustainable, clean and green innovators.

H2 Taranaki will start out with a feasibility study and roadmap development, to discover and plan activities. This stage will cost $190,000, with $140,000 funded from New Plymouth District Council, Hiringa Energy and Venture Taranaki, and the remainder coming from the Provincial Growth Fund.

This co-investment approach brings together the hydrogen supply infrastructure expertise from Hiringa Energy with the purpose of Venture Taranaki – to drive and facilitate sustainable, diverse economic growth in the region.

Hiringa Energy received a further $950,000 to develop hydrogen infrastructure in the area.

This work neatly aligns with Tapuae Roa, Taranaki’s Regional Economic Development Strategy which was launched in April 2018. Taranaki has already enjoyed decades of successes in energy, with well-established, world-class industrial and technical abilities.