Key phrases relating to the NIWE Primary Producer Finance Scheme

Understand some of the key phrases used when talking about the Scheme.


An Application is a formal request for funding from the Scheme. A template is provided by Kānoa for Applicants to complete and requires an Applicant to submit detailed financial and other information about their business to help Kānoa assess an Application against the Eligibility Criteria, and to conduct due diligence.

Commercial lender or source of capital of choice

Bank, commercial lender, or usual source of capital for an Applicant. This may be family, a private investor, or an iwi group.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

An Expression of Interest, or EOI, is a document an Applicant submits to Kānoa to enable an applicant to self-assess their eligibility and help Kānoa to check an applicant’s readiness to apply.

Land-based primary producer

A land-based primary producer is a business that derives its income directly from growing something on land they own or otherwise operate on. Examples of land-based primary producers include orchards, sheep and beef farms, vineyards, forestry, dairy farms and vegetable farms.  

This is distinct from businesses providing services on the land, for example, forestry contractors or processors.

Prospect of returning to viability

To be eligible, a business must demonstrate it can return to viability for an agreed period (for example, restored positive cash flow). This is likely to vary based on the context of the specific business and the applicant's business cashflow forecasts.

Severely impacted

Severely impacted businesses will have generally lost more than 30% of their uninsurable productive capacity and will not be generating enough income to finance the rebuild themselves. Some severely impacted businesses may be commercially viable in the future with Government support, and may be eligible for the Scheme.